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The rest of our Elephant Family

Friday 12 June 2015, by GM


Is 28 Years old and was the first Elephant to come to our elephant camp in late 2013 at the original Nam Ou Elephant Farm . She’s afraid of trucks and boats and dislikes noisy machinery as she grew up in a quiet mountainous area. Because of this we never use her for riding, instead she is left to relax and eat lots of banana plants. She is the younger sister of Mae Mun.

Mae–Mun Qao:

Is 40 Years old and is the biggest elephant in our elephant camp. She weighs a whopping 3,500kg. She eats around 10% of her body weight every day as well as drinking 160 litres of water per day.

Mae Mun:

Is 38 Years old, has beautiful skin and a perfect body size for a female Asian Elephant. She is very good with people so we use her for our mahout training day. She is the older sister of Kham-Say who came to our camp 6 months earlier and although they had been separated for nearly 10 years still remembered each other!

Mae Mong-Khun:

Is 35 Years old. She has a very close relationship with our baby Elephant. She unfortunately lost her own baby a few years ago so upon meeting baby Elephant she became very protective and started to make baby noises to make her feel comfortable.

Kham Seng:

Is 38 Years old. She is quite short and likes to walk slowly. She is the opposite to Mae Mong-Khun and does not like the baby Elephant playing near her so we tend to keep them separated to keep the peace.

Kham Nuan:

Is also 38 Years old. She has a quiet and friendly temperament and is good around other Elephants and people alike.


Is our eldest girl in the camp at the ripe old age of 52 Years. She is always hungry and never stops eating. Even when riding her she will look for something to eat, stopping every few metres to forage. Needless to say a ride on Boun-Kam can take its time.

Nang Noy:

Is 30 Years old. She is quite a small, hence the name “Noy” which means little in Lao. Even though she’s small she still loves her food and is a big eater. She is also good with people and loves to be bathed.

Mae Peng:

Is 41 Years old and the newest Elephant in our camp. She is still getting used to people and is happier around women. She likes to nap and will often drift off to sleep during the day whilst standing.

Kham Vong:

Is still considered a baby at 4 years old. She is unique as our only Elephant that has short ivory tusks around 15cm long.


Is 35 Years old and our tallest girl in the camp. She has a very close relationship with Kham Vong. Her tail got cut when she was little girl. She likes to brake trees and spray lots of soil on her back with her trunk so she often looks a lot dirtier than all the other Elephants.

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