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Lao People and Elephants

Tuesday 19 August 2014, by Benolaos

Lao PDR has a rich culture and history in which the Asian Elephant plays a prominent role. Lao people regard the Asian elephant as a symbol of the power and potential of the forest. Statues and carvings of elephants adorn temples and houses throughout the country. The Asian elephant also features in spiritual and cultural ceremonies and festivals held throughout Lao PDR.

In particular, the ‘Elephant Festival’ is an annual event which draws thousands of national and international visitors. It brings together domestic elephants from five districts in Xayabouly Province. In 2018 there were more than 60 elephants at the festival. The festival aims to raise awareness of Asian elephants, their important role in the history and culture of Laos, and to promote national tourism that can generate income and help conserve domestic elephants.

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