Luang Prabang Elephant Camp
A little paradise for elephants close to Kuang Si Waterfall

One Day Mahout Course

Program 3 - One Day Mahout Training

  • Welcome Drink
  • Elephant Parade
  • An Overview of The Elephant Camp, Elephants, Mahouts and Interesting facts.
  • Move to feeding area for hands on feeding, touching, watching, learning experience. Great Elephant “Selfies”. (hand towel provided)
  • You get to walk with your Elephant through the surrounding countryside when other clients are doing the Morning Elephant Experience so you can get comfortable and build a rapour with your Elephant for your full day training.
  • We sit as a group and go through a list of Mahout commands and actions.
  • You meet your Elephants and Trained Mahouts give Demonstration.
  • Guests will then mount the Elephants under the Supervision of Staff and will start practicing commands and directions on the Elephant in the safety of the Camp.
  • We break for an included lunch at our cafe.
  • After lunch back we continue with more mahout training, to include controlling the Elephant without the trained mahout leading
  • Ride the Elephants down to the Mekong River for bathing. Newly trained Mahouts then receive Certificates to confirm your new skill.
  • Time for a short relax and shower before your transfer back to the city